Our family roastery was born out of a coffee roasting hobby that started in Belize while we were living there doing church work under a Mennonite mission.  

While there, an elderly Belizean Mennonite man allowed us to clean out under his overgrown coffee plants, harvest the coffee cherries, sun dry the beans, and roast them. It was a delightful process. The yield was minimal, and the quality was mediocre (due to Belize’s low elevation), but the experience was priceless! We were hooked! Roasting our own coffee became a part of life for us. While in Belize, most of the coffee we roasted came from surrounding countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

When we moved back to the U.S., we started a small roastery to provide quality coffee for people in our area. We got started and our coffee rapidly grew in popularity. We carefully select our beans from a variety of countries and roast them to perfection.

As a family and as a business, our ultimate goal is to serve God faithfully, allowing Him to have full control of our lives.